If you suspect abuse, please call 855-503-7233. For emergencies, dial 911.

Amani Child Abuse Assessment Center for Columbia County

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering with the Amani Center

The Amani Center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, and endeavors to find positions that connect with your individual interests and abilities. Any amount of time that you have to generously invest in the lives of children in our community can have a positive impact. From pitching in at the annual Race Against Child Abuse, to helping with office administrative support tasks and everything in between, the Amani Center invites you to join the incredible team of volunteers that help to make our mission possible.

Apply as a Volunteer

Due to the sensitive nature of the work of the Amani Center, all volunteers must complete an application with a background check; please use the link below to submit a volunteer application.


Support children and families in our community.


Make a positive impact on children’s lives.