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June 2020

Amani Center Expansion Project

Amid school and business closures, reduced operations across a wide variety of services, and physical distancing measures taken by the state, we MUST still continue addressing the public health crisis of Child Abuse. The National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention reports that 1,700 children in the US die of abuse or neglect and the National Children’s Alliance reports 700,000 children are victims of abuse every year. Amani Center staff continue to work safely and diligently, providing services to children in Columbia County. Amani Center expansion plans are even more critical to provide space for families and children receiving services because of the great need but also because of physical distancing efforts. The plan also addresses increased work areas for staff to work effectively and efficiently and added security to keep alleged victims safe, both physically and virtually.
Expansion Goals

Reduce Trauma

  • Create additional trauma informed spaces


  • Increase safety for clients, staff and records


  • Make the building accessible and ADA compliant


  • Ensure staff have appropriate work spaces to meet clients needs


  • Ensure the space complies with HIPAA rules and increases client privacy

Learn more about the 5 areas of focus directing our expansion plans on our website HERE

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