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Amani Child Abuse Assessment Center for Columbia County

Thank you…Boeing Employees

It takes a VILLAGE to provide our services.
We are truly honored when we get to add to that village.
This month we’d like to thank: Boeing Portland Chapter of the Employees Community Fund

Community Member Employed by The Boeing Company Impacts Local Kids

In early 2020, a local Columbia County resident, employed by The Boeing Company, shared information about a grant opportunity through their employee giving grant process. When we applied to replace the worn out, fabric couch & loveseat in our family waiting room, little did we know that Covid was looming around the corner and that sanitizing surfaces would become even more important than ever before.

The Amani Center would like to publicly thank The Boeing Company and The Boeing Portland Chapter of the Employees Community Fund for providing funds to replace not only the worn-out family waiting room furniture, but also our family support services furniture, as well as security enhancing equipment to preserve our physical computer equipment and digital data.

We are so grateful for the investment that The Boeing Company and their employees have provided. The new furniture is easily sanitized in both our family waiting room and our family support services areas. Staff can expedite turnaround times in preparing our spaces for the “next” appointment. And these pieces of furniture allow our clients to sit comfortably (both physically and mentally) while we are able to offer them support during some of the most traumatizing times in their lives.

Welcome to our village, The Boeing Company!