If you suspect abuse, please call 855-503-7233. For emergencies, dial 911.

Amani Child Abuse Assessment Center for Columbia County

Countywide Services Mean Community Wide Recognition

We were honored in August to be named the Rainier Chamber Member of the Month. The Chamber shared with us that we were selected by the Chamber board because of our “role in meeting children’s needs across Columbia County during this pandemic which has presented increased challenges for our nonprofits, as well as our businesses.”

Additional factors in the decision included being an active member in the Rainier Chamber of Commerce and working hard to build relationships with members, as well as other nonprofits, in our county. Our staff members are passionate, dedicated and committed to serving all children throughout Columbia County through trauma-informed best practices, fiscal responsibility and collaborative efforts with our community partners. That is at the core of our agency and we are proud, yet humbled, to receive this recognition from our business and nonprofit colleagues. We pledge to uphold the criteria with upon which we were chosen by continuing to work with countywide agencies, nonprofits, businesses and all community partners for the safety of our community’s children and the betterment of our county as a whole. Thank you Rainier Chamber for this recognition.