Amani Center l Columbia Child Abuse Assessment Center l 503.366.4005 l Staf and Board

Staff and Board

Board of Directors

Stacia Tyacke* – Chair
Dave Wasylenko – Vice Chair
Toni Nelson – Treasurer
Tami McDonald - Secretary
Stan Mendenhall
*Compliance Officer

The Center’s Team

Assessment and treatment services are coordinated by the Center’s staff which includes: Pediatric Nurse Practitioners/Physicians, Child Forensic Interviewers, Child Abuse Advocates/Family Support Services Specialists, and an Intake Coordinator.

By coordinating service delivery efforts and working together, our community can more effectively address child abuse and domestic violence issues and create a safer community for our children.

Center Staff

Cassy Miller Executive Director
Beth Pulito, BA Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator
Maria Fenstermaker Administrative Assistant
Amelia Kercher Program Coordinator
Nick Schwarz, BA Forensic Interviewer
Aaron Brown, BS Forensic Interviewer, Family Support Services Specialist
Terri MacEllven Family Support Services Specialist, Forensic Interviewer
Linda Eddy, RN, PNP, Ph.D. Medical Examiner
Roberta Bentson-Royal, PNP Medical Examiner
Katie Strawn, DNP, RN, PNP-PC Medical Examiner
Heather Boogman Medical Billing Specialist